Troubadour NDG concert series continues Saturday, Oct. 19

Paul Piche will perform on October 19.

The 2019 edition of the Troubadour NDG concert series continues Saturday, Oct. 19 at Espace Knox with well-known Quebec chansonnier Paul Piche, followed by Clerel / Denis Ducharme on Friday, Oct. 25, and Chris Velan / Juliana & Jesse on Saturday, Oct. 26. This year’s series began on October 12, with performances by Rob Lutes as well as Sussex.

The Troubadour, which started in 2018, is a singer/songwriter series that aims to connect the many talented (primarily local) composers with the people in the community, and for the neighbourhood to get to know each other in the process.

Last year’s inaugural lineup included the Shane Murphy Trio, Angel Forrest, Rob Lutes, Sheila Veerkamp, Nathan Aswell, Hard Red Soring, Karen Potje and the Denis Ducharme Trio.

Paul Piche — October 19

A Mainstay in Quebecois music with 40 years as an accomplished singer/songwriter, Paul Piche is also a well known environmentalist, political activist and Quebec sovereigntist. Many of his songs have become classics of the Québécois repertoire at cabaret nights, parties, camp fires, and at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrations.

Clerel — October 25

A natural-born singer, Clerel nurtured his taste for melody in his native Cameroon, where he grew up singing along church hymns, local nursery rhymes and French pop songs.
Currently based in Montreal, Clerel funnels his soulful proclivities and lyrical acuity into simple songs that borrow from R&B, country, and even highlife. Unsurprisingly, his songs are delivered with a voice of rare feeling — a voice guaranteed to impact at first listen, as evidenced by his growing worldwide following.

His first EP, "Songs From Under A Guava Tree" was released everywhere August 30.

Denis Ducharme — October 25

Denis Ducharme is a Montreal musician who has been writing music and playing around town in different bands, including The Fundamentals, The Cherry Pickers, Red Tape. He has released four albums, including one solo, and got the chance to play his original songs as a 30-minute opening act for Simply Red at the Bell Centre.

Chris Velan — October 26

Montreal singer-songwriter and producer, Chris Velan, has always been crossing borders with his brand of world music-influenced, singer-songwriter pop. Drawing comparisons to the smart, genre-mixing writing of Neil Finn, Nick Lowe and Paul Simon. Velan's latest album, Amateur Hour, is roots-based, coloured by the elements of singer/songwriter, the blues and world beat.

Juliana & Jesse — October 26

Juliana & Jesse are a brother-sister duo based in Montreal. Juliana, with a smooth voice and a steady pen, began a solo career as an acoustic singer-songwriter in early 2013. At the tender age of 13, Jesse was already taking Montreal’s rock scene by storm, playing lead guitar and fronting his own outfit. Raised in a Canadian-Brazilian family, between Montreal and Latin America, the duo eventually teamed up to create a rich sound that is roots-based, infused with singer-songwriter, pop, and world beat rhythms.

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—Troubadour NDG

—A. Bonaparte

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