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Monday at 7pm and 11pm — Where is the line between keeping our pets safe, and keeping people safe from dangerous animals? Many thought Denis Coderre went too far with his pitbull ban. The Plante administration brought in a much different bylaw, that doesn't target specific breeds, but still allow for pets to be put down if they are deemed "dangerous". One year later, CityLife looks at how effective it has been.

Monday at 7pm and 11pm — Montreal's Chinatown has existed for a century, but not all those years have been good ones. Now there's a new section of downtown between Guy and Atwater where many oriental restaurants and businesses have sprung up. CityLife ask the experts if the city can support two Chinatowns.

CityLife examines issues that affect all Anglo Montrealers in an engaging and accessible way. Host Richard Dagenais and his team delve into politics, public transit, the environment, the economy, immigration, roadwork, social issues, culture and much more. Each CityLife show zeroes in on a particular subject or issue unfolding in Montréal, often with original approaches and creative coverage of local stories you may not find anywhere else.

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