James Mullinger is a sight to behold. A spry and fashionable Englishman, Mullinger radiates the energy of a thousand suns he’s never seen. And because his comedic aspirations could not be contained to the UK alone, Mullinger packed up his family and belongings some years ago and emigrated to the beautiful Saint John, New Brunswick.

“My wife is from the East Coast of Canada and it is the most beautiful, most friendly place in the world,” he says.

Since arriving in this country, Mullinger has traveled and toured extensively, visiting Montreal on several occasions for epic evenings of stand-up. And on Wednesday, April 24, Mullinger is back for one night only at Théâtre Sainte-Catherine Café-Bar for what should be a truly memorable evening.

“I could not be more excited to be performing in Montreal again,” he says. “I’ve said it a thousand times that it’s my favourite city to work and play. But it has been three years since I have performed there and I can’t wait. Théâtre Sainte-Catherine is where I have witnessed some of the greatest stand-up shows ever. Brendan Burns, Mike Birbiglia. Their breakout shows were two that have inspired what I do most so this room is a very special place.”

And although Mullinger’s 2019 tour will take him coast to coast, he seems especially excited to be reacquainted with Montreal and a couple of close, personal friends.

“I have toured this new show across Canada and in England so I finally feel ready to bring it to Montreal, the Mecca of stand up comedy. It’s going to be a blast being back in the coolest city in Canada hanging with my buddies, the hilarious Walter Lyng and Reese Turner.”

Hey that’s me. Yes, in full disclosure, Mullinger and I have crossed paths on more than a few occasions. It’s always a memorable occasion, even if certain specific memories are a little on the hazy side.

Since moving to New Brunswick five years ago Mullinger has appeared on CBC’s The Debaters and has popped up all over the place in films, TV shows, festivals, award shows and more. Armed with a background in print media, he also publishes his own magazine called The Maritime Edit. There is simply not enough time in the day for this guy.

Théâtre Sainte-Catherine is located at 264 St. Catherine East. Doors are at 7:30 p.m. And yes, The Suburban’s own Walter J. Lyng is one of the two opening acts. For tickets, visit www.theatresaintecatherine.com/en/events

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