Is Jill Liebmann really only 12 years of age? The combination of her tremendous stage presence and mature voice makes this hard to believe, especially with her knockout rendition of Elvis Presley’s classic Can’t Help Falling In Love in the recent Talent Nation semi-final competition at the Plaza Theatre in Montreal.

Talent Nation, an artist discovery platform that encourages live performance development in select music venues across North America, is the brainchild of Côte Saint-Luc native Michael Goldfarb. “He turned my daughter into a performer,” mom Sheri Leibovitch said of Goldfarb.

Jill has been singing and performing for the last seven years and is presently part of a rock band called The Women Who Rock. She also plays guitar, and has no problem performing in front of very large audiences. Her taste in music ranges from classic rock, blues, rockabilly, country and pop as well. With Talent Nation she had the distinction of being the youngest in Montreal to compete. She is currently in the voting phase and has to have her videos viewed and voted for, as well as shared on social media to get to the next round. If she is selected, this can lead to significant industry opportunities for her musically.

“Jill is a very talented musician and has been taking voice and guitar lessons for many years,” says Sheri, who along with her husband Tommy Liebmann and son Joey are fully supporting this initiative.

A Grade 7 student at Bialik High School, where she recently performed in the production of The Greatest Showman, Jill she loves acting as well and has had roles in at the Segal Centre, Musical Showoff and the Broadway Academy.

“It feels amazing to have gone this far on Talent Nation,” said Jill. “I put a lot of work into this competition. Now I just hope I get enough votes to move on.”

While she may be only 12, looking down the road Jill says she would love to make music her permanent career one day. “I am not sure that is realistic,” she remarked. “So maybe I will go into psychology or become an author.”

Mom Sheri adds: “I think it is wonderful to have music as an outlet. In the case of Jill it helps her focus and has changed who she is in terms of self-esteem and confidence. There really is no downside.”

People can view Jill’s video at and click on the “Clap” icon to support her. You can view/vote as many times as possible until May 1.

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