Local baseball figure Griffin touts Montreal, “City of Baseball”

Marc Griffin with the Gary Carter wax figure at Grévin.

Marc Griffin, a francophone with an English last name and lifelong link to the game of baseball, has become one of the more influential ambassadors for the Grévin wax museum, located on the 5th floor of the downtown Eaton Centre.

Baseball fever has indeed hit Montreal in recent years, with many dreaming about the possible return of professional baseball to this city. It was with this in mind that the team at Grévin decided to introduce the new baseball temporary universe of Expos baseball legend Gary Carter, which is on until October 9, 2017. Five years after his death, “The Kid’s” popularity remains supreme in this city. Dubbed Montreal City of Baseball, here you can step inside a true baseball background, pose for photos, test your pitching ability using speed radar, and even enjoy a bite at the hot dog counter installed exclusively for the occasion.

Griffin was a much talked about center fielder for Canada’s national team. He represented his country at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics and then turned pro with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, playing with the likes of Pedro Martinez, Henry Rodrigues and Mike Piazza. His dream of joining the Expos family did come true and he made it as high as their AA Harrisburg affiliate and played with Cliff Floyd, Rondell White and others. When he retired he immediately turned to broadcasting. Today he remains a baseball analyst for RDS, working at least 100 televised games. He is also has a number of other commitments to baseball.

The Grévin wanted to make sure this baseball temporary universe was authentic. Griffin knew Gary Carter and served as a key liaison with the museum’s head office in Paris and helped connect officials to the Carter family. He was also consulted on the layout plan.

“It is a fantastic exhibit and I urge everyone to go experience it before it closes,” Griffin said. “The wax figure of Gary is remarkable. It was amazing for me to see his family at the opening a few months ago. His wife touched the figure and actually felt like she had her Gary back.”

Griffin does believe that this exhibit can only help the campaign to bring the Expos back. “We had the team here for 36 years and that was simply not long enough,” he said. “The exhibit provides a chance for parents or grandchildren to receive a true education about the game.”

Grévin Montreal’s mission remains to bring together French and Québécois know-how and expertise in order to create a well-designed and extraordinary destination. The other Grévins are in Paris (established 130 years ago), Prague, Czech Republic and Seoul, South Korea. School groups and camps represent a high percentage of visitors. The Grévin also has many unique rental opportunities for children’s parties, weddings, galas, cocktails and fundraisers.   

Grévin Montreal excels at creating uncannily life-like replicas of well-known personalities. Every last detail is captured and recreated to perfection, resulting in the ultimate “double take” experience and a fascinating exploration of the art of make-believe.   

There are more than 120 wax figures representing famous and well known personalities from the world of politics, music, art, history, TV, movies and much more such as Céline Dion, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Julie Payette, Ginette Reno, Meryl Streep, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth, Wayne Gretzky and many more.

Grévin Montreal is located on the 5th floor of the Montreal Eaton Centre (705, Ste. Catherine St. W., Metro McGill). Open Mon. to Sat. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sun. from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed Christmas and New Year’s Day. Call 514-788-5211 to find out more about group bookings, room rentals and special events. They are on Twitter @grevinmontreal and #grevinmtl and visit www.grevin-montreal.com

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