Lakeshore Players Dorval break new ground with first musical, Nunsense

The cast of Nunsense, top row from left: Stephanie von Roretz and Julia Lemire. Bottom row from left: Candace Holder, Sylvia Mauri and Ashley Dunn.

As the Lakeshore Players Dorval kicks off its 55th season, how can it be that the upcoming run of Nunsense at Lakeside Academy in Lachine actually represents its first ever musical? Winner of “Best Off Broadway Musical” in its original New York production, Nunsense, The Musical is the story of a hilarious fundraising show staged by five survivors at the Little Sisters of Lachine nunnery, the rest of the sisterhood having succumbed to botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by the convent chef, Sister Julia, Child of God.

“An ex-board member suggested the show and asked for my advice,” says Director/Choreographer Corey Castle. “I knew the show, from having seen it many years ago in Montreal, and thought it was a great idea: small cast, small band, one set, easy costumes, and wildly entertaining.”

The cast in alphabetical order is: Ashley Dunn (Sister Mary Leo), Julia Lemire (Sister Mary Amnesia), Sylvia Mauri (Mother Superior, Sister Mary Regina), Stephanie von Roretz (Sister Robert Anne), and Candace Holder (Sister Mary Hubert)

“This show has probably the most ridiculous plot line of any show I’ve ever been in,” says Dunn. “It’s going to be so much fun taking the audience on the crazy ride with us. We want them to feel that they become part of our shenanigans. I think it’s really going to be a joyful and uplifting experience for those who came to see it.”

Adds Holder: “This show is really funny. It’s silly, with some great music, and everyone watching will surely be entertained! We have a lot of laughs during the rehearsal process. The cast is often trying new ways of delivering lines or moving around the stage, and since we don’t always know what to expect, we can be caught by surprise, which is often a good thing. It makes our reactions more genuine.”

Castle was approached based on his experience directing musicals at Centaur, Hudson Village Theatre, Geordie Productions, Lyric Theatre, Lakeshore Light Opera and more.

“Musicals can be a lot more work to direct, especially if you’re also choreographing,” he says. “They involve three art forms — theatre, dance and music — instead of one. The challenge is to integrate them all so they flow seamlessly from one to the other. The cast has been great to work with. Since there are only five of them, they’ve had to work extra hard to learn and master all the talents needed to make this show successful.”

Nunsense, The Musical will be performed Nov. 14 to 23 at Lakeside Academy, 5050 Sherbrooke St. W. in Lachine. For more information call 514-631-8718 or visit

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