Entertainment: Tuning the Brain With Music film opens January 24th at Cinema du Musée

Start 2020 on a positive note with the life-affirming new Montreal-produced documentary Tuning the Brain with Music.

Where does music live in the human brain? How and in what form does a sound, a song, a musical piece become an embedded emotion, image, memory or unforgettable melody? How and why does music succeed, often very quickly, in transforming the physiology and neural connections of the human brain, from a baby in gestation to our last breath? Tuning the Brain with Music is a documentary film that introduces us to the spectacular transformative powers that music has on the plasticity and anatomy of the human brain in a sustainable way.

The human stories at the heart of the film are many and varied: there are premature babies in intensive care units appeased by music therapy sessions; Canadian veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress that music has saved from suicide; autistic girls who have formed a rock band; survivors of cancer and stroke for whom music has been an integral part of their medical healing protocol; and homeless youth for whom music is their lifeline.

Join filmmaker Isabelle Raynauld, an award-winning director, long time professor at the University of Montreal, and scholar at the MIT open Doc Lab as she takes us on a five-year journey to understand how our brains can find healing in seemingly simple ways. Beyond the lived stories of the various participants, Isabelle also introduces us to some of the world’s leading researchers in neuroscience in order to better understand what is actually happening in the brain. Experts such ad Dr. David Poeppel of New York University, Dr. Conchetta Tomaino who founded the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function in New York with Oliver Sacks, Dr. Temple Grandin author of many books and studies on Autism and Dr. Isabelle Peretz the founder and co-director of Montreal’s own BRAMS Institute studying the effects of music on the brain.

After sold-out advanced screenings in Montreal and at MIT, Tuning The Brain With Music will have its theatrical world premiere at the Cinema du Musée (located in the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) on Friday, January 24th and runs until January 31st. Director Isabelle Raynauld will present the film and stay for a Q&A at the January 24th at 7pm and January 25th at 2:30pm screenings.

For tickets, go to the Cinema du Musée website - two screenings are on sale now but others will be added next week.

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