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Blinded By The Light

Starring: Viveik Karla, Rob Brydon
Director: Gurinder Chadha ("Bend It Like Beckham")
Genre: Comedy-drama
Run Time: 117 mins

Move over "Yesterday", "Blinded By The Light" is nearly perfect in every way. Moving, fun, original and altogether one of the most entertaining films of the year.

In this comedy-drama based on a true story, a young man learns to live life, understand his family and find his voice through the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Watching “Blinded By The Light” made me realize that the magic of the movies is not yet dead. The songs, the story and the performances all blend beautifully together, it’s impossible for you not to have a good time. This film reminded me why I am so passionate about music and movies, and the combination the two can have when expertly brought together. A powerful ode to finding yourself that everyone can relate to and definitely one of my favourite films of 2019.


The Kitchen
Starring: Melissa McCarthy, Tiffany Haddish, Elisabeth Moss, Common
Director: Andrea Berloff
Genre: Crime
Run Time: 103 mins

"The Kitchen" falls flat on every angle, every twist and every turn. A complete waste of a talented and committed cast.

In this crime film based on the DC Vertigo comics, the wives of New York gangsters continue to run their husbands’ jobs after they’re locked up in prison.

The real issue at hand is that “The Kitchen” doesn’t flow at all. Every scene seems forced and out of place and there’s no room for character growth. I sat there for nearly two hours hoping for this thing to turn around, but it kept on disappointing. As the lead characters get more and more evasive, so does the entire film. Why the ⭐️ star you might ask; well I enjoyed the way the film looked cinematically, besides that; a complete waste of time and effort.


Ready Or Not
Starring: Samara Weaving, Adam Brody, Andie MacDowell
Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett
Genre: Horror-comedy
Run Time: 95 mins

"Ready Or Not" takes meeting your in-laws to a whole new level. A twisted, funny and bloody good time.

In this dark comedy-horror film, a bride’s wedding night turns into a dark and sinister game of “hide and seek” with her new in-laws.

Sure of some “Ready Or Not” is over the top and brutal, but at the core the cast and crew are there to treat you to a wild ride. Samara Weaving gives a killer good performance, and my God can she scream. Overall, aside from a few flaws, I enjoyed the concept and had a fun time. 

Good Boys
Starring: Jacob Tremblay, Keith L. Williams, Brady Noon, Will Forte
Director: Gene Stupnitsky
Genre: Comedy
Run Time: 89 mins

I was a little disappointed with "Good Boys". A few funny moments but overall a repetitive film we’ve all seen but with tweens.

In this comedy, three tweens skip school and embark on an epic journey that will change their lives forever.

This “Superbad” for young kids is a hit or miss. For me, it had a lot of potential to be different and original but running a little under 90-minutes, there’s not much room for growth as a film. “Good Boys” is well casted, and I really need to single out Keith L. Williams (he plays Lucas) who literally steals the show; he’s the heart and soul of this movie. It’s a raunchy film with a lot of heart and charisma but overall I wanted more laugh-out-loud moments and less repetition.

The Last Black Man In San Francisco
Starring: Jimmie Fails, Jonathan Majors, Danny Glover, Mike Epps
Director: Joe Talbot
Genre: Drama
Run Time: 120 mins

"The Last Black Man In San Francisco" follows the trend of art-house films and even though these films don’t really speak to me, I felt something watching this specific film.

In this drama, a man tries to reclaim his family home that his grandfather built in San Francisco.

Overall “The Last Black Man In San Francisco” is slow paced and sometimes hard to follow, but the film is beautifully shot and features some incredible performances from the cast. Actor Jimmie Fails, who’s life is based on this, is superb and Jonathan Majors delivers a powerful role. The acting is great and the story is poignant and resonated with me, but ultimately the way this drama is presented didn’t speak to me the whole way through.

Gianni Fiasche lives and breathes all that is entertainment. Since a very young age he has been a film and music enthusiast. Gianni watches and reviews over 200 films a year, attends hundreds of concerts, and loves listening to old and new music. When he isn’t doing these activities, you’ll find him spending quality time with family and friends. You can follow him on Instagram as @snobreviews.

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