There’s nothing quite as special as seeing the pure joy and excitement on children’s faces while they watch a Disney On Ice show. And no one knows this better than married coupled Graham and Katarina Hockley, who perform in the latest Disney On Ice adventure, Dream Big, opening Wednesday, Oct. 9 for 10 shows running until October 14 at Place Bell in Laval.

“It’s one of the most amazing experiences to perform in front of an audience of smiling faces and get to be their hero, even for a couple of minutes,” Graham said. “It’s a magical experience for everyone: the kids, us, and their parents.”

“And I just love seeing the children all dressed up as their favourite characters,” Katarina added. The couple has been with Disney On Ice for almost a decade, and they even met while on tour. Fittingly, they play the Starfish and Lobster together in a piece from The Little Mermaid.

Every year, Disney On Ice charms little ones with exciting new storylines, and this year, all the Disney princesses, as well as everyone from the Frozen family, will be on-hand to delight audiences. “The show has Tinkerbell taking you through the different stories that include Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine and Aladdin,” Katarina said.

Miguel aspires to be a musician and journeys through the Land of the Dead to unlock his family’s history, while Moana and Maui bravely restore the stolen heart of Te Fiti. And let’s not forget sisters Anna and Elsa, who will have to save their kingdom while the Disney princesses and will inspire young and old alike with stories of strength, determination and kindness. The highly anticipated second part of Frozen is scheduled to hit theatres November 22.

The show has been running for a few years overseas, and the team has been working diligently in rehearsals in Florida to revamp it, Graham explained. Laval will be their first Dream Big stop on the tour, with additional shows scheduled for Toronto in the New Year.

For tickets to Disney On Ice: Dream Big, which runs October 9-14, visit

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