It took a few years but after hundreds of sold-out performances of his insanely popular You’re Gonna Rire, Sugar Sammy at long last decided to immortalize his show with a DVD. Released at the same time as the French language equivalent En français svp!, both DVDs became top sellers on Amazon on the day of their release a couple of weeks ago. Recently, Sammy spoke to The Suburban about why this was the right time to release this and what sets his DVD apart from other comedy specials.

“There’s such a heavy demand for comedy specials because everyone is looking for content and this is a cheap way to have content,” he says. “Sometimes, a lot of these platforms end up buying too much. So, you’re watching 10 specials and two will end up being really good and the rest will leave you asking why these were made into specials.

“Comics are taking less time to put out their special. Seinfeld has, like, two specials but they’re great. Richard Pryor had two awesome specials. Eddie Murphy had five years between his two amazing specials. I believe that’s the way to go because your special needs to be special. This took four and a half years of touring to get together, so it’s well-polished. Every beat is killer. This is a real special.”

Although the physical DVD itself will be sold exclusively on Amazon Canada, the digital versions will be available on iTunes Canada and Google Play Canada and all are accessible via Sammy’s website. While many comedy specials find a home on various streaming services these days, Sammy said this was really the only way to go with this material.

“I had discussions with many platforms. The issue with this, because it’s so culturally unique, it can’t really live outside Canada and Quebec. It just wasn’t the right fit for a lot of these platforms that are international.”

The two versions of the DVD will contain special features such as a teaser from his outdoor show in 2016 as well as improvised moments from his legendary secret Montreal shows. The You’re Gonna Rire DVD also features an in-depth interview with CHOM-FM morning show host Terry DiMonte.

He officially retired the show in 2016, after over four years of touring, having logged 421 sold-out performances, selling 372,000 tickets, generating $17.4 million in ticket sales, and ultimately becoming the best-selling artist with a debut one-man show in Quebec history. With that said, Sammy hasn’t slowed down. In 2016, he took his act to France where he found a whole new market that was ready to embrace him.

“I’m going to be there at least six months a year for the next few years,” he says.

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