A record breaking season for Piknic Electronic

The morning after the final event of its 17th season, Piknic Électronik announced a historic, record-breaking turnout for 2019, as nearly 160,000 Piknickers swarmed the lush greenery of the Piknic Électronik site at Parc Jean-Drapeau’s Plaine des Jeux. It was a perfect, incredibly memorable edition as ever more Montrealers came together all summer long to take part in this leading light of the summer cultural season! It’s also worth noting that in early summer, Piknic Électronik was named best Club/Event series in North-America by UK publication DJ Mag, whose biannual rankings remain the industry standard.

In addition to welcoming over 160,000 party visitors over the course of the season from May 19 to September 29, Piknic Électronik welcomed crowds breaking the 10,000-person mark five times this year. Young adults age 18-35 made up the bulk of these visitors, a cohort that proudly highlights Montreal’s diversity, with university students, young workers and families all partying alongside curious and happy tourists. This success confirms Piknic’s status as a leader in electronic music, both locally and internationally.

Among the highlights: May 26th with Argentina’s Hernan Cattaneo and Italy’s Massimiliano Pagliara, and the 100% Quebecois Piknic on June 23 featuring Kora. Plus we can’t forget Denis Sulta’s crazy party, Detroit duo Octave One’s live set, and countless other devilishly delectable moments this season courtesy of Baltra, Octo Octa, Courtesy, DJ Stingray, and FJAAK to name just a few! A huge thanks to all the artists who performed under our banner this summer.

Sustainable development – eliminating single use plastics

Taking stock of its activities’ impact on the environment, Piknic Électronik made tangible changes to reduce its carbon footprint. This year, Piknic was incredibly proud to have eliminated all single use plastics from its site. In 2014, Piknic replaced plastic cups with reusable, returnable glasses (500,000 reusable glasses since 2014), plastic straws were eliminated last year (250,000 straws saved since 2018), and this year, Piknic replaced plastic water bottles with tetrapak containers. These were only some of the initiatives taken as part of the company’s sustainable development plan.

Launched in 2003, Piknic Électronik Montreal is an outdoor electronic music event aiming to offer immersive, social experiences in a friendly environment. Located at parc Jean-Drapeau’s Plaine des jeux, an urban park just 10 minutes from downtown Montreal, Piknic brings together thousands of electronic music enthusiasts every Sunday from May to September. Piknic Électronik Montreal’s diverse programing has made it a highlight of the Montreal summer cultural circuit for over 17 years.

—Piknic Électronik


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