Vitrine sur l'art: Free exhibit downtown Montreal until Sept. 30

The Vitrine sur l'art exhibition, organized by Art Souterrain continues its development and unveils new works presented in the windows of downtown Montreal from June 25th to September 30th, on the theme Manipulations. Six Montreal artists, selected by Quebec curator Pascale Beaudet, are added to the artist already present in the windows of the vacant shops of 2053 and 2055 Stanley Street and invests the windows of 1471 Crescent Street and 445 President-Kennedy Avenue.

Claude Millette offers art works made from steel and its variations. A true manipulator of the material, he works on the metal's curves while concealing the fasteners and the structures, in order to lure the passers-by : The sculptures seem to hold magically, despite a threatened equilibrium. Marc Dulude is a Saguenay-born artist and a recipient of grants from the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts. Using hydrocal, a gypsum cement, he moulds and shapes the objects that are part of each work in the windows.

Exploring the limits between abstraction and figuration, Dominic Papillon offers enigmatic and daring objects. The human body is often present, either through a recognizable fragment or a plastic allusion. Yves Louis-Seize is a sculptor and a veteran ceramist. He uses several materials, mainly ceramics and steel to create his works. Michèle Lapointe is a glass artist who also uses photography or objects found to develop complex and striking installations, imbued with bitter-sweet childhood memories.

Exploring the space with the line, whether real or virtual, is the challenge that Serge Marchetta gives to the works presented. The real lines are made of cotton threads: isolated, they become the drawing tool of the artist; assembled, they form dense and flexible networks, evoking a hair or a fall.

These new art works are presented in addition to those of artist's Sophie-Eve Adam, Montserrat Duran Muntadas and Julie Benedicte Lambert already installed in the city center.

Art Souterrain is a non-profit organization founded in 2009 with the mandate to make contemporary art accessible to the general public. In the hopes of demystifying art works and artistic approaches, the organization has set up several annual projects that seek to educate the eye and create a link between the work and its audience.

—Art Souterrain


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