Nine Pierrefonds music students to perform at Carnegie Hall

Lambda School of Music & Fine Arts student Sarah Oulousian.

Nine piano students from the Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts in Pierrefonds will perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City after earning first and second prizes at the annual Crescendo International Music Competition.

Four Lambda students won first and five placed second at the Crescendo competition, which took place in Montreal in November. The children range in age from five to 17.

“Having the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall is the ultimate acknowledgement of the efforts these young musicians have put forth,” said Lambda director and founder Dr. Angela Chan. “It is the ultimate venue for the pinnacle of performance. Students get a glimpse of this precious historical venue, and will be initiated into the professional world of music performance.”

The students will display their musical talents at gala concerts at Carnegie Hall on Jan. 30.

Students who placed first at the Crescendo competition (with pieces played in brackets) are:

Diane Liu, 8, (Ginastera Danzas Argentinas); Tian Lang Xu, 6, (Hungarian Dance by Papp); David Wang, 6 (Dance of the Marionettes by Tarenga); Daniel Luo, 16, (Rachmaninoff Etude Tableau in E flat minor).

Second place honours went to: Clement Ma, 5, (Clowns by Kabalevsky and Study in C major by Durvenoy); Clari Ma, 7, (Golliwog's cakewalk and Schubert Moment Musical in F minor); Chloe Ding, 7 (Schubert Impromptu in E flat major); Leo Wang, 10, (Scriabin Etude in C sharp Minor, and Villa Lobos - O Polichinello) and Tanni Wang, 17, (Chopin Sonata in B flat minor Funeral March and Liszt Mephisto Waltz).

“Each of these young, prodigious pianists performs pieces that are highly challenging for their ages, such as a six-year-old pianist performing at the RCM Grade 8 or higher level and a seven-year-old playing pieces of level 10 and above,” says Chan. “Lambda helps young musicians flourish and become outstanding concert pianists at a very young age.”

Since 2008, Chan and her team have offered a unique approach to music instruction that uses science and technology to implement its programs and develop child prodigies. Students gain an interdisciplinary understanding of content by learning music performance, while also being taught about the science of their instrument and the psychology of human performance. Lambda students work with experienced and internationally renowned music professors and benefit from masterclasses with world class concert artists and teachers.

“We recognize that all exceptional students start as novices. Outstanding artists are not born, but carefully groomed and nurtured throughout their development process,” says Dr. Chan, an accomplished concert pianist and experienced pedagogue and researcher.

— Lambda School of Music and Fine Arts —

— AB

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