New artistic direction at Youtheatre, Quebec’s oldest theatre for young audiences

General Manager A. Abou-Fadel with Co-Artistic Directors Véronique Bossé and Jeremy Segal.

After 25 years, a new Co-Artistic Director duo take the helm of Youtheatre, Quebec’s oldest theatre for young audiences (TYA) and the only bilingual TYA company in Canada. Youtheatre has become known as a singular hybrid for core activities such as exploring new interdisciplinary forms, telling important cutting-edge stories and investigating technology’s increasingly contentious role in our lives. Veronique Bossé and Jeremy Segal warmly embrace these activities and offer a vision that will take full advantage of the digital shift in the creation process while cultivating an “open-source” culture with the artistic community and with the young people they serve.

THE NEW VISION: YouShare & YouCreate

Youtheatre is throwing wide the doors with new programming in their rehearsal space in Le Plateau Mont-Royal.

“Our aim is for the company to be a hub of artistic innovation. The company will be more present in the local and national community, act as a pollinator, highlight the strength and diversity of Canada’s voices, and give young artists the tools needed to engage with new theatrical forms.” says Segal.

Two new programs, YouShare and YouCreate, will provide a layered addition to the creative community landscape in Montreal. 

YouShare will offer Youtheatre’s space as one of artistic research. This will be an interdisciplinary space where artists can discuss exciting concepts, rehearse, meet new collaborators, play with technology, share knowledge and skills, and experiment with new ideas. YouCreate will welcome young artists into Youtheatre’s space and provide them with the tools to become the world-shakers of tomorrow. With groundbreaking artists from all disciplines, Montreal is fertile ground for these endeavors.

Both Bossé and Segal are hard at work surveying the community on their needs for the space and envisioning programming for a 2020 launch. They invite all local professional and emerging artists, students and arts educators to share their views and needs regarding the space through Youtheatre’s social media threads on the topic.

For the first time, Bossé and Segal have launched in-school development workshops for every new creation in development at Youtheatre. “We want to stay in touch with our educators and students and make sure we are providing them with the most relevant and dynamic new works possible” says Segal.

Adds Bossé: “We are hiring some of the best local artists to contribute to these workshops and share their skills with students throughout the creative process.”

Youtheatre also welcomes new General Manager Simon A. Abou-Fadel. Simon served as General Manager for Infinithéâtre from 2016-2019. He worked in non-profit arts management for 9 years in Hollywood with the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and The Actors Fund of America. Simon also offered wealth management services at American Express Financial Advisors and Allied Consulting Group.

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