Multidimensional, an exhibition by Montreal artist Martin Dansky will have it’s opening night Saturday, Sept. 21 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Montreal Art Centre (1844 William St.) in the heart of Griffintown. The exhibition will run until Sept 29.

Dansky has been actively painting since 1977 and has moved through various styles and media since and has always willing to explore new themes. He has painted professionally in Italy from 1992 to 1997 and then a year in Yemen in 1998 before returning to his native Montreal.

There is a subtle sense of irony found in many of his paintings. The artist incorporates psychic elements into his highly colored oil paintings. Elements of unrest and vivacity occur throughout, even in his still life sketches, the objects seem to skittle away. And in the turmoil there is always a balance of color. Generally the paintings have to be revisited more than once to be appreciated for their intricate detail.

“Most recently I began a multidimensional series in 2013,” writes Dansky. “I am making a new effort to reconsider how various planes can reflect light and in so doing, alter our perception of a particular dimension. I began with a highly geometric plan that suggested building blocks to some and land and sky forms to others; there is always a play on how the viewer might perceive a particular block or landform and the space above or ‘sky’.”

For more information call 514-667-2270 or visit


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