The only photographic exhibition to be hosted during the current season at The Gallery at Victoria Hall, Seven Sisters to Senegal is the 5th public exhibition by Montreal-based photographer Marcel Pinchevsky. It is his final hometown event before he heads to Havana for an exhibition of his work as part of the Cuban capital's official 500th anniversary celebrations.

Pathways to the Soul

From the time of Cicero, philosophers and writers have written about the eyes being the pathway to the soul. The camera and the subject find this moment of connection. As a result, the viewer is invited to be there and in the moment.

Seven Sisters to Senegal strives to transport its audience both emotionally and spiritually to a moment in time; to be with the subject. The photographs were shot in late November 2017 (India) and in December 2018 (Senegal).

The Seven Sisters are tucked into the Northeast corner of India, geographically and culturally isolated from the rest of India by Bangladesh Bhutan and China. During this visit he documented only a limited section of the states of Assam, Nagaland and Arunashal Pradesh. However, even within this somewhat small area, there are many and diverse cultures. Over 15 languages plus many more dialects are spoken.

Senegal, on the Atlantic coast of Africa, is a country, rich in traditions. Travelling along its Atlantic coast, the sun casts a dramatic light on the people and country. The traveller is welcomed with dazzling colours, warm smiles and handsome people.

Photographs are printed in a limited edition of 10

Marcel Pinchevsky has held a camera in his hands for over 40 years. A Montreal based photographer he has approached his craft with a passion and vision to capture the soul of his subjects. His street photography has a simple aim: to draw the observer into the image. Could the viewer recognize not just the person but go deeper and sense feelings and history?

Is it possible to move the audience? If so, then the photographer has succeeded.

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Seven Sisters to Senegal photography exhibition runs Thursday Oct. 24 - Tuesday Nov. 26 at The Gallery at Victoria Hall, 4626 Sherbrooke St West, H3Z 1G1. Entry is free, prices to purchase the works vary. Proceeds donated to the Donald Berman UP House charity.

—The Gallery at Victoria Hall


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