LUMINA: at The Stewart Hall Art Gallery until August 25

James Nizam, Frieze, 2016, Lightjet Print, 48x60 inches.

The Stewart Hall Art Gallery presents LUMINA, an exhibition that presents the artworks of seven artists that explores light from a perspective of sensory and cognitive destabilization.

LUMINA is a tribute to light, honoured not for what it enables us to do, but for what it is: a form of energy made up both of corpuscles – which give it the status of a substance or body – and waves, through which it is propagated. Its irradiating potential is precisely what is identified and emphasized as the heart of the matter. The spreading of radiance implies a trajectory: light travels in a straight line, its photons moving through the narrowest slits until they encounter a screen. Depending on its properties, the screen will either absorb the light, let it through, reflect it, or diffract it.

Magalie Comeau, the IvanovStoeva artist duo, Lisette Lemieux, Martin Messier, James Nizam, Josée Pellerin, and Étienne Rey all share a fascination with light. Beams shoot up, brightness intensifies, rays are diffracted: these are some of the strategies used by artists to reveal light in its most compelling and destabilizing aspects. Light is an energy that eludes our senses, triggering a perceptual and cognitive hesitation – a gap between what the eye perceives and what the brain records, then recognizes. And then, in a flash, what we have is simply… magic.


  • Magalie Comeau (Montreal)
  • The Ivanovstoeva Artist Duo (Bulgaria)
  • Lisette Lemieux (Montreal)
  • Martin Messier (Montreal)
  • James Nizam (Vancouver)
  • Josée Pellerin (Montreal)
  • Étienne Rey (France)


  • Émilie Granjon And Laurent Lamarche

Until Sunday, August 25 (Closed: Saturdays in August). From 1 to 5 p.m. (Wednesdays until 9 p.m.). 176, ch. du Bord-du-Lac – Lakeshore, Pointe-Claire. Free admission.

— The Stewart Hall Art Gallery

— AB

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