For the 20th anniversary of its Sharing the Museum program, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA) invites the public to visit its Jean-Noël Desmarais pavilion to discover Humanae, a monumental human mosaic by Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass, who came to the MMFA in February to photograph 150 Montrealers for this edition of the international project. With the presentation of Humanae, the MMFA is reaffirming its commitment to promoting diversity and togetherness.

Since 2012, Angélica Dass has been working on this giant mosaic of thousands of human portraits whose skin tones are identified using the Pantone® chart, a universal colour coding system. On February 12, the photographer came to the MMFA to photograph Montreal residents. This monumental project reveals the diversity and chromatic range of human skin on a planetary scale and challenges the widespread notion that skin only comes in single colours.

Thousands of volunteers from 18 countries and 6 continents, who were selected for the project regardless of their nationality, gender, age, race, social class or religion, have taken part in this universalist project. Montreal is the second city in Canada after Vancouver and the 30th in the world to participate in this international project.

The MMFA: a space for dialogue that is accessible to all

Art is an incredible tool for cultural diplomacy that lets cultures interact. A humanist and inclusive museum, the MMFA gives the community multiple opportunities to meet and talk through many activities that foster accessibility and inclusion.

Each year, its Sharing the Museum program, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary, provides thousands of vulnerable or marginalized people with a multitude of free arts activities tailored to their needs. Its exhibitions and Impressions residency program prominently feature Indigenous and other contemporary artists from diverse backgrounds. In July, the MMFA launched its Art and Togetherness Committee composed of specialists in intercultural issues whose mandate is to promote projects that foster diversity.

On November 9, the Museum will inaugurate the Stephan Crétier and Stéphany Maillery Wing for the arts of One World. These revamped galleries on the 4th floor of the Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion will house one of Canada's largest collections of archaeological and ancient cultural artefacts with works by contemporary artists from all continents.

—Montreal Museum of Fine Arts




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