A half century after his death, the name Martin Luther King Jr. still resonates with many, evoking thoughts of struggle, deliverance and joy even in times of distress, inequality and pain. In honour of the late civil rights leader, American recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, Damien … Read more

Hopping into the car for the drive home from work on Friday, Jan. 10, I did my usual scan of the pre-set radio stations to hear what was on and when I tuned into CHOM-FM, which usually gets about a minute of my time before I settle in on NPR, I heard a old song from Rush. So I left it on 97.… Read more

If I were you I would get my fanny over to the Segal Centre to see Funny Girl, the semi-autobiographical tale of Fanny Brice. Funny Girl is a stunning, poignant musical about one of Broadway’s biggest stars. From a gawky Brooklyn teen pushing her way into show business to becoming the toast … Read more