Mad About You star Paul Reiser happy to make a comeback in stand-up

Mad About You star Paul Reiser happy to make a comeback in stand-up

By Mike Cohen, March 27th, 2013

A seasoned actor, writer, stand-up comedian, author and pianist,  Paul Reiser is one talented individual. Best known for his starring role in the critically acclaimed NBC series,  Mad About You,  Reiser has Emmy, Golden Globe, and American Comedy Award and Screen Actors Guild nominations for Best Actor in a Comedy Series under his belt.
Reiser grew up in the 1960s in Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Town, a heavily Jewish and Irish-American housing development on the Lower East Side, and attended primary school at East Side Hebrew Institute. He’s proud of his Jewish upbringing, noting how he and his wife of 25 years Paula Ravets and their two sons “have our seders and our big Chanukah parties.”
In an interview with  The Suburban last week Reiser said he was preparing for his plane ride home where he planned to prepare for Passover in his own special way. “I always try to be a little creative at the seder,” he said. “I will write in a few new lines here and there to keep it interesting. Naturally I cannot change the story, but this is an annual thing I do.”
Reiser’s  older son, Ezra Samuel,  was born six weeks premature and has used a wheelchair since birth. He said that the bar mitzvah ceremony was so moving that guests told him they were inspired to themselves pursue becoming b’nai mitzvah.
Reiser and outstanding female stand-up comic Rita Rudner will perform at the upcoming 36th anniversary gala for the Montreal chapter of the Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) at the Place des Arts on Tuesday, April 9.  Jewish lawyer William Brock will be the special honouree  for his contribution to the community in the fight against cancer.

Mad About You   aired from 1992 to 1999 and co-starred Helen Hunt. It  made Reiser a virtual household name. He is also known  for notable performances in such films such as  Diner,  Bye, Bye Love,   The Marrying Man, Aliens, One Night at McCool's  and   Beverly Hills Cop  I and II. He will soon be seen in the much anticipated HBO Liberace biopic  Behind The Candelabra, with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon.
Two years ago, the Paul Reiser Show debuted on NBC. It was cancelled after only two  episodes. “Bad timing,” Reiser said. “There was a change in the head of the network at the time and that is never good. I am developing two new projects for television right now. It is a long process, so we will see what happens.”
Reiser only recently returned to touring recently, “I always wanted to get back to performing, but I kept putting it off,” he said. “The thing is, I wanted to write fresh material. It has been 20 years since I last did this, so I need to go forward from the jokes of being newly married or having little kids. One night about a year ago I was performing at a charity event and it was just an electric and fun night. So I said to my wife, ‘why don’t I go perform for real?’ I am really enjoying it.”
While at Binghamton University, Reiser majored in music and fine tuned his skills on the piano. He still plays, but not professionally. His books Couplehood,   Babyhood  and Familyhood sold millions of copies.
The ICRF has a history of attracting high profile comedians and recording artists to their galas.  Co-Chairs Paul Ostrov and Gloria Richman said that they are also very proud of the quality of their Community Service Honorary Fellowship Awards winners. Mr.  Brock has been recognized many times for his dedication to worthy causes. He was recently awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his outstanding contribution to the community.  A senior partner in the litigation group of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg,  he is a Leukemia survivor and has undertaken a number of major initiatives to advance the treatment of blood cancers, including the creation of The Fund for Research and Education and the publication of  Portraits of Hope (, an uplifting portfolio of photos and testimonials of blood cancer survivors and those who have accompanied them through their fight.
 Founded in 1975, ICRF is a non-profit organization consisting of physicians, scientists and volunteers who are dedicated to supporting innovative cancer research in Israel and locally in Montreal at the McGill Translational Centre in association with the Jewish General Hospital. Since its inception, ICRF has raised more than $45 million and has funded over 1800 cancer research projects. A Scientific Advisory Board consisting of internationally renowned cancer specialists stringently review grant applications. ICRF-funded researchers have been making significant progress and have been able to develop improved chemotherapies, advanced techniques in bone marrow transplantation, and an enhanced understanding of tumor suppressor genes.
For tickets to the IRCF Gala or to become a sponsor log on to or call 514 481-2723.



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